About Us

Based in South Florida, Safari Snacks is the go-to provider of quality and flavorful Biltong beef jerky.

Safari Snacks aims to bring the amazing flavor of Biltong from South Africa to the good people of the United States of America, as a healthy alternative to traditional beef jerky.

As South Africans living in America, the craving for the delicious flavor of biltong is unyielding and it takes a certain amount of detective skill to find a producer of good quality biltong.

At first we tried to just live without the satiating satisfaction we were once so accustomed to in the land of safaris, and opted to search far and wide for tasty beef jerky. After many tastings of different jerkies from all over the country, we just knew we had to do something. It was then we began to make our own biltong from ancestral recipes back home, which we shared with family and friends.

The feedback was amazing and we decided we needed to scale up operations and open up our doors to a wider audience, so that more good people could experience the amazing flavor of the Safari Snacks.